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DRW-1018 Home DVD Recorder with Built-in Dolby 5.1-Channel Decoder and Automatic TV Channel Scanning Function



Key Specifications/Special Features:

Record external signal on DVD+R, DVD+RW 
Compatible with DVD video, CD, SVCD, VCD, JEPG, MP3, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW 
Playback function:
Normal playback, pause, stop, pre-stop 
Fast forward and backward (4x), step playback, slow playback (3x), title/chapter/track selection playback, time search 
Skip forward/backward, repeat playback of title/chapter/whole disc or track/whole disc, A (point) to B (point) repeat playback 
Random and PBC playback, multi-subtitle/dubbing/angle/display ratio
Multiple time display modes
Current title time/balance time
Current chapter time/balance time
Current track time/balance time 
Current disc playing time and balance time
Built-in Dolby 5.1-channel decoder, DTS digital output, progressive scan/interlace scan output for selection 
OSD languages are subject to change as per request, current OSD includes English, Spanish, French, German
Recording function:
Video recording and editing
Manual, one-press to record or stop recording, OTR: one-touch record 
Programmable timing record (up to 20 tasks), delete the last title or the entire disc, manual or automatic insertion of chapter mark 
Chapter hidden, disc lock (to prevent the disc from being written), title index pictures for easy data searching
Recording mode time (based on 4.7GB DVD, single-sided, one layer)
HQ: 60 minutes, highest-level picture quality recording mode applicable to record high-definition data from DVD
SP: 120 minutes, standard picture quality, similar to DVD, record video signals at DVD-picture quality 
EP: 240 minutes, long-time recording mode, picture quality better than VHS substitute for VCR
SEP: 360 minutes, ultra-long-time recording mode, picture quality better than VHS applicable to record programs or contents
TV system:
Compatible with the following TV systems upon playback or recording
PAL/SECAM, 625 lines at 50Hz
NTSC, 525 linesat 60Hz
Antenna or CATV selectable
Channels listing (up to 125 channels)
Automatic channel scanning
Dimensions: 430 x 53 x 290mm

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