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Kawa Machine Tools Sdn. Bhd. is a globally reputed Malaysia-based company, engaged in the manufacture and export of all types of machine tools, precision machine tools, precision machine parts, tools and dies, jigs and fixtures, various type of applicators and any related engineering works.

En Francais :

Kawa Machine Tools est une compagnie en Malaisie mondialement réputée, spécialisé dans la fabrication et l'exportation de tous types de machines-outils, machines-outils de précision, pièces de précision, outils et matrices, gabarits et divers type d'applications pour tous travaux et relatifs a la technologie.

Our company also supplies digital fully and semi-auto crimping machine, wire processor machine, pull test, air-press, table punch, splicing machine, splice band (2mm, 4mm, 6mm – Brass, 2mm, 4mm – Tin Plated). Besides the above machines, we also supply other wire harness machines, materials and accessories which are widely used in Automotive and Electronics Wire Harnessing Industries.

Incorporated in 1993, our many years of experience in designing and manufacturing of tools and dies and fabricated various type of applicators make it possible for us to bring to bear extensive engineering and production capabilities on each and every one of our customer projects.

Kawa Machine Tools Sdn. Bhd.’s philosophy of providing superior quality products at competitive prices and prompt delivery has earned itself a reputable track record with customers in many related fields.

En Francais :

Notre compagnie fournit également des machines numérique et machine sertissante par replis semi-automatique, machine avec processeur pour fil, essai de traction, pression atmosphérique, poinçon, machine avec contrôle d'épaisseur, (2mm, 4mm, 6mm)( Laiton, 2mm, 4mm Étain ). Sans compter  les machines ci-dessus, nous fournissons également d'autres machines de construction de fil, matériaux et accessoires qui sont largement utilisé pour les véhicules à moteur et matériel électronique pour l'Industries. depuis 1993, avec beaucoup d'années expérience et de fabrication de machines outils , matrices et divers type applications nous permettent toutes possibilités de création technologique et de production pour tous projets de client. La philosophie de Kawa Machine Tools est de fournir des produits de qualité supérieure avec des prix concurrentiels et livraison rapide. 

KM-103 Machine  



Products and services we offer :
Our comprehensive range of products and services includes :
Tools and Dies
Jigs and Fixtures
Precision Machine Parts
Various type of applicators (Model : JAM, AMP, KW-2S, YAZAKI & etc.)
General Fabrication
Automation Spare Parts
Design / Duplicate and Fabrication (INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATED MACHINE)
Mould Designing
Provide Technical Support and Maintenance to various type of automotive and electronics wire harnessing machine
Any related engineering works
Besides the above-mentioned, we also supply the following :
Digital Fully-Auto Crimping Machine
Semi-Auto Crimping Machine
Wire Processor Machine
Digital Cutting Machine
Splicing Machine
Splice band (Brass 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and Tin Plated 2mm, 4mm)
Air Press
Table Punch
Electrical Tension Tester Machine
Cable Tester Machine
Modular Plug Auto-Termination Machine
Modular Plug Terminal Depth Gauge
Electrical Cable Stranding Machine
Semi-Auto Soldering Machine
Air Wire Stripping Machine
Wire Stripping and Twisting Machine
Full Automatic Wire Cutting, Stripping and Twisting Machine
Full Automatic Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine

Applicator KW-4S

Tooling KW-4S



Samples Machinery  /// Échantillons de Machines

Digital Wire Terminal Crimping Machine

  • Fast Processing Speed
  • Guaranties 4,000 parts per hour! (Based on 500mm lengths with both ends terminated)
  • Accurate Feeding
  • Feeds wire precisely with the use of Fiber Optic Sensors and a rotating wire bobbin
  • Optimize Quality Control with following features:
    - Crimp Force Monitoring
    - Integrated crimp force monitor using load cells
    - Crimp Force is displayed in Kilograms after every cycle
    - Sensors indicating a loss of air pressure
    - Stripped Wire Detect Laser Sensors
    - Wire run-out sensor
    - Wire connection joint
    - Wire Tension sensor
    - Automated voice alarms with text when sensors are activated. (Example: "Setting Count is Completed')
  • Various Applications
    - Cut, strip and terminate one or both ends of the wire.
    - Able to seal and terminate one end of the wire, and terminate the opposite end.
    - Dual stripping or half stripping modes
  • Compact Design
    - Smaller floor space needed compared to competitors.






  • Terminating Presses
  • Free from noise with the use of Vector Control Process
  • Crimping Force: 2 tons

Cutting and Stripping System
  • Uses 3 sets of blades(6 total): One set for cutting and two sets for stripping (1 set mode for both cutting and stripping available).
  • Stripped Wire Detect Laser Sensor to detect whether the wire has been properly stripped.

Auto-knife Sensor

  • Allows easy set-up of the stripping blades by detecting the thickness of the conductor automatically!

Wire Straightening Unit and Storage Compartment
  • Prevents wire from bending by straightening wire while feeding
  • A Pressure Gauge is included to help adjust the pressure of the straightening rollers easily.
  • Store tools and parts in the storage compartment!
  • Wire connection joint detector.

Main Control System
  • Simple and quick diagnosis by checking LED displays for the CPU and Drivers.
  • LED displays the condition of all moving parts with red or green lights.
  • Consists of 2 Driver slots, 3 CPU slots, and a Main Power Controller.
  • Card slot design allows for easy replacement of parts.
  • Basic configuration of communication equipment for use with a phone or Internet Options.

User Friendly PC for programming and set-up.
  • The KM-103 has a 15" touch screen monitor minimizing set-up time by offering a graphic display of machine functions. (Available in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese)
  • The system uses a Pentium Class PC with a Windows 2000 operating system
  • Up to 1000 different jobs can be saved in memory
  • The monitor can be moved to multiple positions according to the operator's location to the machine.
  • Displays the force curve for the crimp force monitors allowing easy recognition of defective crimps
  • Modem available for on-line troubleshooting of the machine.


2 level wire receiver (Optional)
  • Optional choice for either 500mm or 1,000mm 2 level receiver.
  • System comes standard with single level wire stacker.


  • Disposal boxes for terminal carriers and wire slugs.
  • Discharges cut carrier strips into a disposal box.
  • removes wire slugs using a vacuum system.


 Functions Both Ends/One End Crimping, One End Sealing Insertion (Optional Choice), Dual Stripping, Half Stripping, etc.
 O/S Windows 2000
 Processing Speed 4,000 pieces / hour (Both ends terminated, 500mm wire length)
 Wire range AWG#12 - AWG#32 (3sqmm2 - 0.03sqmm2)
 Wire cutting length Min. 30mm - Max. 99,999.9mm
 A length variation ±(0.2 + 0.002 X L) mm (L =cutting length)
 Stripping length 1mm - 15mm
 Adjustment unit Stripping length in 0.1mm
Stripping depth in 0.03mm
Crimping position in 0.1mm
 Crimping press 2 ton (21,000N) low decibel press
 Detect functions Air Pressure Decrease, Crimping Detect (load cell), Stripping Detect (laser sensor), Wire Run-Out, Wire Connection Joint, Wire Tension
 The power supply Single-phase 220V 50/60Hz
 Maximum power consumption 1.2W
 Average power consumption 400W
 Air pressure 0.55 Mpa (5.5 Kgf/cm2, 240NL/Min)
 Dimension (without Pre-feeder
 and 2 level receiver)
1,113W 672D 1,292Hmm
 Weight 410kg (pre-feeder & sealing unit NOT included)
Optional Accessories  
2 Level Wire Receiver Wire Pre-feeder

Semi-Auto Crimping Machine C/W Crimp Force Monitor (2 Ton)

 Crimping Force 2 ton
 Dimension W330mm D260mm H640mm
 Weight 65kg (excluding applicator)
 Average power consumption 95W
 Motor electric power 0.45KW
 Power supply 220V / 110V 50/60Hz
 Stroke 30mm (40mm available on demand)
 Crimp Force Monitor Load-cell mounted


KW-2500 Semi-Auto Terminal Crimping Machine (Super Low Noise)

  • This machine is made up with versatile mechanical structure with the electric-magnetic clutch for automatic electronic detection and advanced sci-tech. The machine is semi-automatic and capable of performing highly efficient job for terminal pressing operation.
  • Body structure which can house the parts in a compact state is adopted thus enhancing the sturdiness and durability of the machine.
  • The mechanism is so simple that the time required for tool & dies change and maintenance can be saved significantly
  • Can accommodate all the upright and horizontal tools and dies of various brands thus ensuring its practically for cost reduction.
  • Adopts front adjustment which elevates safely in work and diminishes damage conditions.
 MODEL KW-2500
 Crimping Force 2 ton
 Power source AC 110/220V 50/60Hz
 Motor power 1/4 HP
 Stroke length 30 mm
 Max Feed Depend on applicator type
 Dimension (W X D X H) 280 X 380 X 480 mm
 Weight 100 kg


KW-1T Splicing Machine And Spliceband

 Capacity 1 ton
 Dimension (W X D X H) 380 X 350 X 470 mm
 Weight 55kg
 Power source AC 110/220V 50/60Hz
 Motor power 1/4 HP
 Width of common materials 2mm, 4mm, 6mm (BRASS)
2mm, 4mm (TIN-PLATED)



KM-702N Digital Wire Processor
From AWG 12 to AWG 30, the KM-702N cuts and strips various types of wires. With the Five-Line blades and a pair of discharge rollers, the KM-702N will bring you a successful result. Various sensors and operator friendly set-up with graphics are standard. In addition, special blade for flat cable can be installed as an optional choice.


  • Equipment supplied with machine
    - Digital Window for easy set-up
    - Push button set-up of all machine functions
    - Up to 5 recipes for saving of standard wet-ups
    - Count of pieces needed
    - Cutting Speed if desired
  • Set-up of optional material pre-feeder and optional static remover
  • Feed button for feeding material through the rollers Cut button for testing cutting of material
  • Emergency Stop button on panel
  • One stepping motor and Induction motor for cutting and feeding
  • Upper/Lower/Wing Blades
  • Aux. Roller & Feeding Roller
  • Knob for roller lift-up
  • Material Hanger
  • Safety Cover
  • Owner's manual
KM-3100 Digital Cutting Machine
Material ranging from 100mm to 400mm wide can be cut by four different models, KM-3100 to KM-3400

With the fastest speed and precise control, the KM-3100 is able to cut various material such as Vinyl, Hose, Shrink Tube, Wire, Film, Copper/Tin plate, etc

Applicable with receiving the outer signal.




KM-3600 Corrugated Hose Cutting Machine
Most appropriate for cutting an irregular surface such as corrugated hose.
Two pairs of gear-type rollers for feeding.



KM-3800 Braided-wire Bending & Cutting Machine
Bends and cuts braided wires up to nice points.



KM-3900 Card Cable Cutting Machine
Detect cutting point and controls the speed of feeding with the use of 2 level KM sensors.

Adjusts cutting point with the use of Manual or Auto mode.


 MODEL KM-3100 KM-3200 KM-3300 KM-3400 KM-3600 KM-3800 KM-3900
Cutting Material Shrink Tube, Hose, Rubber, Tin/Copper plate, Wire, Braided wire, Paper, Silicon Tube, Film, Vinyl, etc. Corrugated Hose (up to 40 pie) Braided Wire Card cable
 Max Cutting  
100mm 200mm 300mm


 Process Method Cutting Cutting Bending & Cutting Cutting
 Feeding & cutting 2 Drivers & motors (stepping & induction)
 Power supply 110/220 VAC, 50/60Hertz, Single Phase
 Power consumption (Watt) Min. 18
Max. 150
Dimensions (mm) (WxDxH) 395x
Weight (kg) 21 25 43 47 38 21 21

Applicator Model Jam Side Feed


Applicator Model Jam End Feed



Applicator Model 2000 Side Feed


Applicator Model 2000 End Feed



Applicator Model 3000 Side Feed


Applicator Model 3000 End Feed



Applicator Model 950 Side Feed


Applicator Model Jam Flag Type

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