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Nouveau DETECTEUR DE RADAR . LE DERNIER MODELE MONDIAL.(vérifier si il est autorisé dans votre pays)

Early Warning Radar produces more than half of the world's radar detectors for the biggest names in the industry.
•Having been in business for more than 20 years, the company is dedicated to providing radar detectors that help drivers stay informed about their surroundings and help them be better drivers by providing alerts as to the existence of speed detection devices, safety messages and road conditions.
•Law enforcement now recognizes that most drivers who use radar detectors are trying to obey the law, keeping their speed in check, and avoiding the costs of speeding fines, speed schools and insurance hikes.
•All 50 states have now adopted the Safety Alert Traffic Warning System which is designed to provide early warning of oncoming high-speed emergency vehicles and trains as well as stationary roadside hazards.
•The Safety Alert Warning System is now being used by Police, Fire, EMS, Road Construction Sites and Department of Transportation vehicles across the country.
•The EW4100 detects ALL radar bands X, K, Ka, Ka-Pop, Ku and Superwide Ka bands!
•Also detected is 360° Laser Detection which detects laser from the front, rear and sides including: Pulsed, UltraLyte, LTI-2020, Prolaser I, II, III, Stalker LZ-1 and Laser Atlanta L-1
•The EW-4100 has a high resolution icon display, so you can see the display, even in the sun!
•Real voice alert technology alerts you when you turn the detector on, and it alerts you with 25 different vocal indicators, including radar and laser detection.
•The alerts can be in either English or Spanish.
•Its numeric signal strength display shows you signal intensity from 0 to 9.
•The auto mute mode automatically reduces sounds by half when signals are detected, and the city/highway mode lets you minimize alerts in areas that might have false signals.
•This unit also provides instant on or pulse radar protection that notifies you of sudden high level radar and laser signals.
•Speed Measurement Labs Inc, a radar detector testing company, tested the EW-4100 and found it to be 100% performance certified!
•The Early Warning EW-4100 is a state-of-the-art certified radar/laser detector and is clearly the highest quality and most sensible choice in safety/radar/laser detection available today!
•Features: •Detects ALL current radar and laser guns now in use as of July 2010
•360 degree laser detection for Pulse, UltraLyte, LTI-2020, Prolaser I, II, III, Stalker LZ-1 and Atlanta L-1
•Different audible alarm sounds and lights for each signal
•Digital real voice alerts with voice on/off voice feature
•Buckle your seatbelt voice warning on start-up
•Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
•Instant-on or pulsed radar protection
•Safety Alert warning system detection
•Anti-falsing circuitry
•Automatic self test mode
•VG-2 Detection with VG2 on/off feature
•Spectre undetectable protection
•4-different mute selections
•City/highway button
•3 step signal strength meter
•Tutorial mode to demonstrate operation
•Memory retention for saving your preferred settings after powered off
•10.525 GHz/+/-25 Mhz (X-band)
•24.150 Ghz/+/-100 Mhz (K-band)
•33.800 Ghz (Ka-pop)
•34.700 Ghz/+/-1.300 Mhz (Ka super wideband)
•13.435Ghz/+/-35Mhz (Ku band)
•DC car power cord
•Velcro (hook & loop fastener)
•Window mounting kit
•Owners manual
•1 Year Warranty


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