Sample Products // Échantillon de Produits

AT732 - AC/DC 33L Cooler/Warmer 
* 33 liters capacity
* Fits for 1.5L bottles
* Cooling/Warming function
* Built-in twin cooling fans with better cooling performance
* Use in horizontal or upright position
* With wheels and handle for easy carrying
* AC/DC operation
AT800 - AC/DC 15L Stylish Cooler/Warmer 
* 15 liters capacity
* Fits for 1.5L bottles
* Cooling/Warming function
* Stylish design
* Friendly for environment - FCKW free
* AC/DC operation
AT843 - AC/DC 24 Liters Twin Top Cooler/Warmer 
* Twin-tops, big capacity cooler warmer for various purpose in camping
* Ideal for keep food, beverages, medicines and others cooling and fresh
* 24 liters capacity
* AC/DC operation
AT849 - 9 Can Cooler & Warmer 
* Padded top lid, with twin can holders for convenience uses
* 5.5 liters (9 Cans) capacity
* With shoulder strap for easy carrying
* Great for Car, Trucks, Boats and RVs
* Operates directly from any 12V power source or AC adaptor (optional) at your home or office
* Aluminum interior for easy clean up
AT907 - Heated Thermal Bottle 
* Rugged stainless steel casing with 1 liter capacity
* Heats and maintains beverages to a temperature of 150°F (65°C)
* Safe, powerful and efficient
* Plug directly into any 12V DC outlet
* Easy to use, easy to clean
* Easy operation makes it ideal for Auto/Trucks, Marines and RVs/Camping
AT803 - 2 In 1 Digital Gauge/Tire Track Measurement 
* Digital tire gauge for accurate reading
* "PSI" and "BAR" and "KPA" display for different users
* Key-Chain portable digital tire track measure help to check tire track much easier
* Compact and feather-light weight
AT895 - Rechargeable Jumpstart System 
* Peak 900 Amp Jump-starter
* 12V 17AH lead acid battery
* Built-in 12V power port with auto reset protector
* Built-in work light
AT904 - Rechargeable Jump-starter with 260 PSI Compressor 
* Peak 900 Amp Jump-starter
* 12V 17AH lead acid battery
* Built-in 260 PSI air compressor with gauge
* Built-in 12V power port with auto reset protector
* Built-in work light
AT995 - Compact Rechargeable jumpstart System 
* 400 Amp mini jumpstart system
* Compact size and light weight for easy carry and storage
* Built-in dual 12V power ports
* Built-in battery level indicator or show the battery capacity
AT983 - 2 In 1 Compact Jumpstart & Compressor 
* Compact size & light weight for easy carrying jump-starter & compressor
* Provide 400 Amps for jumpstarting the car engine
* Bi-color battery indicator, 260 PSI air compressor
* Dual 12V socket for 12V accessories use
AT820 - Compact Rechargeable Fluorescent Work Light 
* Compact size & easy to use anywhere
* Built-in Ni-cad rechargeable battery that can use for 2-3 hours
* 7 watts power saving U-type fluorescent bulb that consumers can replace the household bulb by themselves easily
* Charged by adapter
* Magnetic base that can suitable for various uses
AT892 - Rechargeable Spotlight 
* Super long using time of 1 hour continuous operation
* Powerful krypton bulb
* Locking On/Off trigger switch
* Both AC & DC chargers are also included
* Optional emergency stand for charging & emergency use (when the power was cut-off then it will be automatic turn on)
AT897 - 1M CP Rechargeable Spotlight with Map Light 
* Built-in 6V lead acid battery
* Powerful halogen bulb
* Locking On/Off trigger switch
* Molded with strips for use as work light with the upside down position
* Both AC & DC chargers are also included
AT923 - Portable Rechargeable Fluorescent Work Light 
* Fully charged allows up to 2 hours continuous operation
* Use the regular U-shaped fluorescent bulb that consumer can be replaced by themselves
* Weather resistant case
* Twisting handle
* Built-in hanging hook for various purpose
* With extra strong magnet for the fix on various condition for convenient uses
AT960 - 2 Million Rechargeable Spotlight with Map Light 
* Built-in 12V lead acid battery and can use as 12V spotlight with the 12V cord provided when the battery is low
* Powerful halogen bulb
* Built with 360 degree adjustable angle map light
* AC & DC chargers are also included
AT945 - 4 In 1 Compressor, Inflator & Deflator with Work Light 
* Multi-functions compressor for inflating car tire, pumps up air bed & provides work light function in emergency
* 260 PSI / 18 bar deluxe air compressor 
* Built-in inflator and deflator pumps up inflatable item at any time you needed
* Twin motors design, performs good performance in high pressure for compressor & high volume for inflator use
* Included inflator hose and 3 different size nozzles for inflate or deflate purpose & other 3 adaptors for other operation
AT944 - 3 In 1 12 Volt Turbo Air Compressor 
* 260 PSI high power motor
* Stylish and compact design
* Simply to use and easy to store
* With emergency light
* Includes 10 foot power cord, 2 foot air hose, nozzles & adapters
* With working light
AT971 - 12V DC air pump 
* Handy companion for outdoor activities
* Operates from any 12V power source
* Inflates in no time balls, rafts, life jackets, etc...
* Inflation nozzles in 3 sizes to fit all your needs
AT910 - Air Bed and Pump 
* Specially designed for camping and guest houses
* Quality vinyl water proof bed in various sizes
* Quick pump inflates bed within 1 minute
* Pump works with a built-in rechargeable battery
* Both AC & DC chargers are included
AT838 - Solar Auto Battery Charger
* Plug into cigarette lighter socket
* Trickle charge your vehicle battery with solar powers
* Could operate under any weather conditions
* No maintenance required
* UV, rust and shock resistant
* LED indicator
AT917 - 200 Watts Power Inverter 
* 200W continuous power with peak 400W for AC appliances use
* Built-in high speed cooling fan
* User replaceable spade type fuse
AT918 - 400 Watts Power Inverter 
* 400W continuous power with peak 800W for AC appliances use
* Built-in high speed cooling fan
* User replaceable spade type fuse
AT858 - 2 In 1 Heater Fan/Defroster 
* Hand held design for using as heater fan and defroster anywhere inside your car
* 360 degree angled swivel base for your desired air flow direction
* Compact design with hidden foldable handle gives you convenient to work as a window defroster in any location
* Fan and heat selector switch for your selection
* Instant heat with automatic temperature control
* With screws and adhesive tape for mounting purpose

AT848 - 12V 150/300 Watts Selectable PTC Ceramic Heater Fan 
* Plug into any 12V source to defrost windshield to provide auxiliary heating
* Instant heat, safety, it's built-in automatic temp control
* 150/300 watt and fan/heat selectable switch
* Adhesive tape or screw mounting are also included

AT958 - 150 Watt Ceramic Heater Fan 
* Operates from 12 volt power outlet
* Adjustable air flow in upward and downward direction
* Fan & heat selector switch
* Instant heat with automatic temperature control
AT914 - 12V 5 Amps DC Power Supply 
* Switch type circuit design, provides 5 Amps DC power supply for running 12V appliances special for cooler & warmer
* Built with over-load & short circuit protection
* Power Indicator
* Input: 230V
* Simply operation by just plugging into the cigarette socket
AT991 - Auto Starter/Power Pack 
* Jumpstart your weak battery in 10-15 minutes
* Can be used as a mini power supply and helps to keep car memories
* Built-in 3-6-9V DC to DC converter attached with adaptors and cable that you can operate various kinds of products
* Built-in battery indicator that you can read the battery capacity easily
* It can be recharged while driving or with an AC adaptor (optional)
AT833 - 12V Wet/Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner 
* Strong suction power handles both solids & liquids effectively
* Crevice tool, carpet brush and squeegee attachment included
* Removable, easy to clean canister and filter
* Locking "on" button for prolonged operation
* Storage compartment for 3M (10ft) power cord
AT955 - Rotary Vacuum Cleaner 12V 
* Twin motor operation
* Powerful, high volume with rotating power brush
* Heavy duty fabric dust bag never need replacement
* Compact size for easy handling and storage
* Cable wire with on-line blade fuse
* Upholstery brush, crevice and carpet tool included
AT957 - Rechargeable Polisher 
* Ideal for effortless cleaning and waxing your vehicle
* Rechargeable 12V battery
* Powerful and durable electric motor
* Versatile polisher with interchangeable cleaning bonnet
* AC adapter included for recharging the battery
* Provides 12V power cord for direct operating from 12V power source when the battery is used out

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