"BeiYin" company

 specialized speaker manufacturer in ShenZhen which is near by HongKong.

Our regular products include single speaker(such as car speakers,woofers,tweeters,micro speakers,alarm speakers,waterproof speakers etc) and finished products(such as wall-adsorbed speakers,5.1 speakers system,horn,flat speakers with oil pictures and so on).

At present the annual productivity is reaching 8 million pieces. There are 80% of our products sold to international market, 20% to domestic market. The products are exported to Europe, Japan, East South Asia and North America.

With ISO9001 & ISO14001, CE, KETI, FCC, UL and S-Mark certificates,our products are welcome in many countries,and because of cheap labor ,we can provide cheaper products with good quality,and what's more,our Research & Development staff has plentiful experience and theoretic knowledge,they could develope particular products for you.

Product Sample // Echantillons de Produits

Product Photo Voice coil Magnet size Max Power Output S.P.L Freq. Response Total Weight
BY6921 ASV朴20.4mm 4次 80x40X15 75W 86dB/ 1W/1M 90 Hz -- 16000Hz 2400g
BY6922 朴20.4mm 4次 100x45X18 150W 89dB/ 1W/1M 80 Hz -- 16000Hz 3400g
BY6931 ASV朴20.4mm 4次 110x60X20 200W 86dB/ 1W/1M 90Hz -- 16000Hz 3700g
BY6932 朴20.4mm 4次 100x45X18 200W 89dB/ 1W/1M 80Hz -- 16000Hz 3200g
BYX1016-1 ASV朴20.4mm 4次 70x32x10 30W 86dB/ W/M 90 --16000Hz 413g
BY131-16 朴20.4mm 4次


20W 89dB/ W/M 80 -- 16000Hz 414g
BYG252F5 朴25mm 8次 70x32x10 60W 91dB/ W/M 1500Hz -- 20000Hz 490g
BYG283F3 朴28mm 8次 70x32x10 60W 91dB/ W/M 1500Hz -- 20000Hz 520g
BY166-38 朴25mm 4次 80x40x18 60W 86dB/ W/M 40Hz -- 6000Hz 940g
BY200-7 朴35.5mm 4次 120x60x20 120W 90dB/ W/M 39Hz -- 3500Hz 2250g
BY300-3 朴35.5mm 8次 120x60x20 60W 96dB/ W/M 50Hz -- 3500Hz 2350g
BY166-37 朴25.5mm 4次 100x45x18 60W 89dB/ W/M 45 Hz --4000 Hz 1450g
BY5042 4朴PSV次13mm 36x18x6 4w 87dB/W/0.5M 200 Hz--20000Hz 82g
BY5070-1 朴13mm 8次 32x18x6 5w 88 dB/ W/0.5M 190Hz -- 20000Hz 110g
BY5090-4 朴13 mm 4次 32x18x6 5w 89 dB/ W/0.5M 140Hz -- 15000Hz 120g
BY67104-13 朴14mm 16次 40x22x8, 32x18x6 7w 84dB/ W/0.5M 125Hz -- 20000Hz 204g
BY58126-12 朴14mm 8次 45x22x8, 40x22x6 7w 85 dB/ W/0.5M 160Hz -- 20000Hz 253g
BY78-71 朴14.28 mm 3.2次 60x32x8+45x22x8 8W 86dB/ W/ M 115Hz -- 20000Hz 346g, 12.2oz
BY40-7 朴13.28mm 8次 朴9.5x1.5 0.5W 84 dB/ W/M 500Hz -- 7000Hz 8.5g, 0.3oz
BY30-4 朴10.4mm 8次 9.5 x 1.5 1W 84dB/ W/M 680Hz -- 10000Hz 7g
BY36-5 朴13mm 6次 NdFeB 12.5x1.5 0.5W 82dB/1W/1M 500 Hz -- 8000Hz 8.9g
BY45 朴10.4mm 8次 9.5x1.5 0.5W 98dB/ 0.1W/50mm 750 Hz -- 7000Hz 3.2g
BY2035-1 朴8.8mm 100次 NdFeB 8.0x1.5 0.15W 96dB/ 0.1W/50mm 600 Hz -- 8000Hz 2.2g
BY23-1 朴8.8mm 1次 NdFeB 8.0x1.5 0.15W 98dB/ 0.1W/50mm 750 Hz -- 7000Hz 3.2g
BY20-1 朴8.8mm 100次 NdFeB 8.0x1.5 0.15W 96dB/ 0.1W/50mm 600 Hz -- 8000Hz 2.2g
Minimum  Quantity 1000
Delivery Time about 7 days
International Standard Met ISO9001 & ISO14000
Note You see,we have so many kinds of speakers,what we list up is only a part of our products,what's more,different client has different requirements,so we design new product for clients with their special requirements generally.If you have any special requirements,pls feel free to contact us,or else you could not find what you need by above

n'hesitez pas a nous contacter pour tous renseignements. contact us for all information.


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